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Jail House Rocs April 2012 Issue

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The Criminal Hair Style Special Issue
Sex Offenders
Recent Arrest
and Much More…

ONLY $2.00

Jail House Rocs March 2012 Issue


Inside This Months Issue:

Randy Travis Arrested

Milwaukee Women Steals Thousands from Her School Employer

Teach Caught Having Sex in Back Seat with Middle School Student

Sex Offenders and Much more…

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Jail House Rocs February 2012 Issue 34

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Inside This Months Issue of Jail House Rocs:

Snoop Dogg Gets Arrested Again

2 Milwaukee County Workers Get Arrested For Stealing Money That Was Suppose To Go To Veterans and Their Families.

North Side Milwaukee Car Theft Ring Get BUSTED!!!!!

and Much More…

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Jail House Rocs January 2012 Issue 32

In This Months Issue:
*Former Chicago Bears Receiver Sam Hurd Arrested For Selling Dope!
*Northside Rapist Get’s 40 Years in Prison
*Mequon Bus Driver Touched My Little Boy
*Brooke Mueler…Charlie Sheen’s EX Arrested
*Local Mugshots
*National Mugshots
*Sex Offenders
*Missing Children and much more.

Jail House Rocs December 2011 Issue

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Featured Inside This Months Issue:

Green Bay Packers Linebacker Arrested for Domestic Violence

Man Holds Up A Ronald McDonald Statue

Man Arrested for Licking Strangers Wounded Knee

Lady Stabs Her Boyfriend over Monopoly Game Arguement

Jail House Rocs November 2011 – Issue 31

Darrick L. Bennett Killed his Live in Girlfriend
Annette Morales-Rodiguez Cut Baby Out of Mom’s Stomach

Jail House Rocs October 2011 – Issue 30

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Baby Killer Get Bail!!!!

Soccer Mom Screened Porno For Teen Boys

Woman Stole Hearse With Corpse In Back

Jail House Rocs September 2011 – Issue 29

Inside:Two Teens Charged In Murder Of Pregnant Mother
Ms Taylor Used A Sex Toy As A Weapon
Tiger Woods Ex-Mistress Arrested
Man Nabbed For Truly Mortifying Justin Bieber

Jail House Rocs August 2011 – Issue 28

See Inside…

Amy Winehouse Dead At Age 27

Casey Anthony All Smiles After Not Guilty Verdict

Faces Of Death: Before & After Pics


Jail House Rocs July 2011 – Issue 27

See Inside…

Rapper Ja Rule gets 2 yrs. in prison for Tax Invasion.

Milwaukee man, Gregory Tyson, gets 353 1/2 years in attacks on 8 women.

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